Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A tearful Dave Blair yesterday confessed to accepting sweets from strangers.

The Top Tory broke down in tears when confronted with the evidence by
Sun-God reporters. "I will make a statement," he told us.

Minutes later in his sleek West London property the Mew Labour leader insisted that his wife was standing by him. Later the yummy mummy arrived and took her place on the sofa, separated only by her gorgeous mock crocodile handbag.

Controlling his emotions, Tony Cameron told us

"It all started before the election. Some men in raincoats came and offered me sweets. Quite a lot of sweets. In fact millions of them."

In some distress, the young leaders eyes shone and mouth watered.

"They said it was just a loan, and they wouldn't want anything for it," the man at number 10 continued. "But after the election they came back. Of course we had eaten most of them."

He turned to pat his wife=s bulge.

"So then they said I should do something for them instead."

We pressed the sweaty schemer on what had happened next.

"Nothing bad," he insisted. "Nothing I am ashamed of. They told me they had nowhere to stay so I rang around some friends and found them a House where they can spend some time."


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