Monday, March 20, 2006

What do the Tories have to hide?

Both Labour AND Tories are having to cover up in the face of a new sleaze crisis, according to Sun-God sources.
Tony Blair is already in deep trouble after reports EXPOSED that No 10
BORROWED 14 million from big businessmen
REWARDED donors with Titles and with seats in the House of Lords
kept loans SECRET.
Even the Labour Party's Treasurer says that he was kept in the dark.
Now the Tories are in trouble too.
Reports suggest that they have secretly borrowed more than 20 million from donors but as yet we DON'T KNOW who the donors are nor if they have been made into peers.
One man who HAS been put on the list of Lords in waiting is Camp Cameron fundraiser Jonathan Marland. Last May he stood for election in Somerton and Frome, where he is said to have spent more than any other candidate in the history of British politics.
But the Tory moneyman was DEFEATED by bearded Lib Dem David Heath.


Blogger Voice from the South West said...

I believe that Marland was the Tory candidate in Somerton & Frome in 2001, not 2005 - can't you get your facts right! You call yourself a tabloid, tsk!

5:24 PM


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