Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Identity Cards for us - secret loans for them

The sleaze scandal swept over Labour and Tories alike tonight - just when they were getting together to impose id cards on law-abiding citizens.

The Election Watchdog took one look at the Blair/Cameron stories on hidden loans - and told them that he didn-t believe them.

Labour and Tories - in debt to the tune of 39 MILLION POUNDS tried to put an end to the secret loans scandal by CONFESSING to the Electoral Commisioner - IN SECRET.

But the watchdog SNAPPED back - and told them they were BARKING if they thought he was going to believe their story that these were "commercial" loans. He told them they were LEADING him on - and threatened to bring them to heel.

But Labour and the Conservatives slipped the leash and rushed to Westminster. Cameron showed once again why he is called Blair's POODLE. This time the two parties ganged up to impose a national register on law-abiding Brits. So in future the Government will know everything about us - and we still don't know where their money comes from.

Only Ming Campbell's Liberal Democrat were cleared by the election watchdog. Perhaps that is why they voted against the register.

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